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2nd October 2005

10:48pm: it's about time I used this thing
The rules:
1. Open a music player.
2. Go to 'all music'/'library'.
3. Hit shuffle.
4. Find photos of the first 10 artists/bands that come up [no repeats and no cheating].
5. Have people guess who the artists/bands are.

I stole this from Julian

1.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

2.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

3.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

4.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

5.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

6.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

7.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

8.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

9.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

10.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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6th December 2004

black and white photos are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

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22nd November 2004

3:07am: ok short and sweet... i want to know what everyone thinks will happen to us after we die.. in a nutshell
Current Mood: thoughtful

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15th November 2004

10:32am: Updat on my life:

last night I saw Badly Drawn Boy. My second time but this time was soooo much better then in Ashville. He was so good.. puts on greatt shows. He's hilarious.. a british bastard.. in a very good way. He played a 3 1/2 hour set and it was great. He put me ina very good mood.

School Life: I'm so torn. I dont know what to do. I know I'm dropping my major: Interior Architecture. But what do i do? Theres so much. I would LOVE to go into the music world. I dont know what though. Music is such a strong passion of mine.. but I dont play anything But thats ok.. I would love to work for a band.. in a studio somehow. Or working for a label. who knows.. it's a tough competitive world. Then theres dance. But thats a brave major.. I wouldnt have a set job after school.. I dont want to be a teacher.. and all there is left really is performing. which is a tough life.. Then there is maybe photography.. or something with fashion.. ahh i dont know. ... So overwhelming

Love Life: Out of service

I cant wait till Thanksgiving and christmas break... I need that break.. I need my friends. its gonna be great.

I find The Beatles to be very therapeutic. Thats all i'v been listening to. Nothing could go wrong with The Beatles
Current Mood: listless

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9th November 2004

1:20am: blah blah blah blah bored bored bored bored

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2nd November 2004

3:02pm: So.. how is everybody? Really.. I'd like to know..so tell me. I'm doing alright.. Michael puts it perfectly.. I feel like my life is on hold right now.. I'm feeling needy.. I need something but i dont know what.
Current Mood: Anxious and empty

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27th August 2004

10:05pm: I dont really like college very musch.. I miss home
Current Mood: blah

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19th April 2004

7:01pm: oh god.. the new Modest Mouse is so absolutley amazing... gosh I love them.. they make me so happy.. go get the cd... seriously

and I'm going to europe for two weeks for sure now with my pratt friends.. i'm so excited
Current Mood: cheerful

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9th February 2004

8:05pm: but it sounds beautiful
I'm in a real artsy mood right now. I think i might collage. I like this feeling. Because I'm not feeling lazy which is a good thing. I hate laziness. I think its the song i'm listeing to.. it inspires me.. its a damn good song. gosh its good.

This summer I might go to Europe with my Pratt freinds. I reallly hope it can happen. I want to go so bad. It would be an amazing experience. Gosh I want to get away so bad. especially with them ahhh I cant wait I really hope It works out. I might have a bake sale or some sort of donation thing to raise money for it. Thats my issue is the money! so will u buy my cupcakes if I sell them?

I should post pictures up here some time soon.. its to much work

Only if we land in water
Current Mood: artistic

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27th January 2004

2:34pm: ahhhh I'm sooo boreddd
Current Mood: Antsy

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19th January 2004

8:34pm: I wish
* I wish I was productive
* I wish I could write
* I wish I was smarter
* I wish I was more flexible
* I wish I didnt come off as a bitch
* I wish I spent my time wisely
* I wish I could write
* I wish I cared more about my academics
* I wish I was going to an amazing college
* I wish I could spend just one day with my Pratt friends
* I wish I wasnt tired
* I wish I could write
* I wish I wasnt lazy
* I wish I would read more
* I wish I was more independent
* I wish I could perform everyday
* I wish I wasnt lazy enough to go and decorate my room the way I want it done
* I wish I didnt have to go to school
* I wish I could write
I wish a lot more that I wont even get into....
Current Mood: blah

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17th January 2004

1:06am: This week was good

I laughed a lot :)
Current Mood: tired

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29th November 2003

5:38pm: I feel asthough I'm losing people
Current Mood: depressed

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27th November 2003

11:37pm: so thanksgiving is usually my favorite holiday.. for whatever reason I dont know. but this year it sucked... what a let down!

I just need to listen to some music... Loud

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19th November 2003

11:17pm: FREE SALLY!!

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9th November 2003


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26th October 2003

7:04pm: this weekend was bland. I visited UNC-G on saturday. It's an alright college. Like I said before.. it's not my top choice of college but yet again I dont even have a top choice. I hate this whole college thing I dont have a passion to go any particular college and I wish that I did so much so I could become motivated and work hard on getting into that particular college so I can feel proud of myself. UNC-G isnt even hard to get into I wont feel proud of myself if I get in. Maybe I should look around for more colleges. cooler colleges. Some desgin schools would be nice. I'm scared of college and I dont know why. I also hung out with Adam this weekedn whisch is always good and worked as well because my boss is freaking out. Nordstrums orded 200 more pairs of cufflinks for the holidays than we had anticipated. So we have to work our asses off and make 200 more by holiday season. Which means i have to work more. grrr. I also went to the fair. That was alright.. the best part were carmel covered apples and the choclate coverd strawberries :)

2morrow me and my parents go and see Belle and Sebastian at the Carolina Theater! I'm so excited.

My favorite part about this time of year are the leaves. The combination of greens oranges and yellows are so beatiful.

My next entery will be pictures I think. I like posting pictures better than writing. I'm not much of a writer. which is really to bad.
Current Mood: okay

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22nd October 2003

9:39pm: Elliott Smith is gone :( :( :(
Current Mood: gloomy

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19th October 2003

12:50pm: please work.

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18th October 2003

6:44pm: does anone know how i can post pictures if so please comment how.. thanx

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12:52pm: last night was the most fun I'v had in a long time.. wow i needed something like that.... good time Adam miky mike and brian... glad you were there Adam.. muah ;) ( I love you)
Current Mood: high

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6th October 2003

8:13pm: woah lady
So tonight was real good. My Parents took me out on an early birthday dinner. We went to one of my favorite italian resteraunts Maggiano's. It's sooooo good! It's all homemade and it really makes you feel like your in Italy. THis is the exciting part of the night: My parents got me tickets to the following:
Iron and Wine
Belle and Sebastian
Badly Drawn Boy
Carmina Burana ( a great dance company..I got an extra ticket Jhari i'm taken U!)
That is soooo excitng! Those band never come to NC Belle and Sebastian barley een comes to America! I'm psyched.

Then we went to the Chocolate factory and got a milk and white , carmel, bear butter, and chocolate chip covered apple... damnnnnn.... good
I love going out to dinner with my parents it makes me feel warm inside. 2day is my last day chained and 2morrow i will be legally free. Well technically but it wont be any differnt. Still have a cerfew and such.. damn. But i do get to vote and ironicly the voting day is on my birthday so 2morrow I'm gonna vote. Voting doesnt sound that cool but it's actually a real privelage and I'm glad I get to do it. I feel older now!

It's sad to think that this year is like my last year with my parents. It's exciting but at the same time really weird because iafter i graduate and go off to college my parents only get visits for the rest of there life and mine. Only visits. It's strange to think. And hard to explain.

Well anyways... it's time to depart from Live Journal.. have a nice day much love
Current Mood: happy

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29th September 2003

11:03pm: no one makes me feel as better as Micahael can.. i miss you michael..and u got me excited and letme down... :( It's ok i'll see u in december

i absolutley love the smell of fall.

So I was looking back at allll these baby pictures and just old pictures in general and it made me sad. It made me not want to grow up anymore. :(

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28th September 2003

2:18am: I just want to eat the sky
Current Mood: annoyed

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22nd September 2003

10:25pm: I'v got a visitor...
time for a real update....

I recieved a package of love from Rachel the day of the hurricane i was super sick so it made me feel better. A mix cd and a lovley note.. thank you Rachel I love you.

So college application time... ahhhhhh... i'm not a smarty pants so i'm applying to uncg appalachian and possibly ecu ( cause they have a good interior design program) but uncg is what i'm goin for cause they have a great dance program and a good interior design program. but over all i dont care much for any of those colleges .. i wish i could go to a college out of state like CA or NYC ( which reminds me i could get into Pratt if i had the money cause i already got in for the portfolio part) or the savannah school of design.. that would be awesome.. but hard to get into and way to expensive anddd I'll miss Adam and my other dear fiends. ohhh college I cant belive i'm almost there.

and i will be 18 very soon.. in two weeks.. Oct 7th ( go libras) i cant belive that either.

Sex and the city wont be on for a long time... what will me and Jhari do!??

My hair is boring me i need something new.

I miss michael... boohoo

My parents said for my bday they were gonna take me to atlanta to see radiohead but decided not to.. ahhhhhhhhhhhh thats my dream....why why did they decide not to...:(I heart radiohead <3

Me Lindsey and Jhari.. dinner wed? sounds like a plan i cant remememebr the last time i saw Lindsey

I wish I could write.

me and Adam have good times.. good times <3

Its 11:11 make a wish. i wish i could have a tree frog that sat on my hand all day. ( kiss the clock)

I'm happy for sam and kristen... glad sam got a good girl.

I want to paint my room a chocolate brown with warm lighting... I wish I had the time. I do but i'm lazy

School suxxxxxxx

I g2g writing tooo much. Salut!

Love lala
Current Mood: relieved

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